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Social media is an area of passion for me. I am a micro-business owner that helps baby-boomers get comfortable with social media, and larger companies analyze and forecast trends from social media to gain a competitive edge.

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Who we are

We are a boutique digital strategy firm specializing in social media strategy, training and action planning.

What we do best

1.Research & Analysis (ROI Reporting | Opinion Insights)

2.Strategy & Action Planning

3.Demystify Social Media Training & Development


How to engage our services

ASSESS. Take an assessment so we know how best to help you. CLICK FOR ONLINE ASSESSMENT.

ALIGN. Schedule a free consultation to align on a solid strategy.  Here is an easy link via our social site–TUNGLE.

ADVANCE. Not sure if you’re ready? Take a small step today, and  get a copy of our Social Media Guide Book for just $19.95.

Does social media really work?

Social media has leveled the playing field!

Today, small companies, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs are making huge business profits, catching the public eye and becoming overnight, cross border success stories because of the power of the internet and social media.

Anyone who wants to make their mark on the World Wide Web is jumping on to the Social Media bandwagon.


Small Business Survey Results & Case Study

Live 45 Minute Report Debrief at The Ohio State University – DMSW

Meet a small business owner [House Wine, Worthington, OH], featured in Chapter 7 of the book:  Now What Do I Do–An entrepreneur’s guide to getting to the next step with social media.


Learn more from our free report

This report will provide you with:

  • Dos and Don’ts to help you quickly navigate the Social Media scene
  • 5 reasons why Social Media is a must
  • 15 ways to ensure that your content doesn’t get dethroned
  • 10 resources on building community, creating content and increasing traffic
  • 10 ground rules for Social Media Marketing